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One of the biggest worries when it comes to tooth extractions, is leaving the dental office with missing teeth, particularly the front teeth which are always visible to the public. Immediate Dentures solves this problem because they are inserted concurrently with your extraction(s) enabling you to live your life without feeling self conscious or uncomfortable.

Immediate dentures are fabricated before your remaining teeth have been extracted and are inserted on the same day, right after your tooth extractions.  This process allows you to walk out of the dentist’s office without having to worry about speaking, smiling or eating with missing teeth! Immediate dentures also act as a splint to protect the tissues and extraction sites. 

It is important to know that the bone that holds your natural teeth will shrink over time after your teeth have been extracted. The rate at which it resorbs depends on the individual but starts to slow down after several months.

Our ideal recommended treatment plan in most cases:

  1. Fabricate a cost-effective transitional denture to wear until initial bone loss rate decreases.
  2. Utilize tissue conditioners during that timespan to offset bone resorption that is taking place.
  3. After bone resorption has tapered off, fabricate final denture.

The reason why we recommend this is because the denture that is used right after your tooth extractions will not fit well after only a few months.  During the first 6-9 months, the bone that once held your teeth will dramatically resorb/shrink, causing your once retentive denture to become suddenly loose and mobile.  Aesthetics may also be compromised since there is usually high residual bone left from extractions and we are not able to have a try-in appointment to see how it looks first.  Using a temporary transitional denture during the healing phase, and then fabricating a fresh new, final denture afterwards will ensure a pleasing aesthetic smile, as well as a tight retentive fit that lasts.

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