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Implant Dentures

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Implant overdentures are the closest thing to having your natural teeth back. They help with maintaining your bone height and with the retention of the denture. They give you 50 – 95% of your natural chewing efficiency back, while regular dentures give you 10 – 15%.

Fixed Implant Supported Dentures

This is when a bridge of teeth is screwed down onto 4 or more implants and is only removable by your Denturist or Dentist. This is arguably the best solution when it comes to durability, chewing efficiency, and aesthetics. 

A popular and exciting option is the All-on-4/5/6 solution where the patient gets all the necessary teeth extracted, implants are placed immediately afterward, and loaded onto a transitional denture. Because some implants are placed at a certain angle, additional surgeries such as sinus lifts can be avoided. After this procedure, the patient can walk right out and start enjoying his/her new smile right away! Call us to find out more about this life-changing option!

Locator Supported Overdentures

This is a denture that clips onto 2 or more implants. This is a great introductory option for individuals who are tired of dealing with loose dentures, particularly their lower dentures. Placing just 2 locators on the lower jaw can dramatically improve retention and stability instantly! Once patients realize how much of a difference implants make, more often than not, they come back asking us when we can start placing implants for the top!

Bar-supported denture

Three to six implants are placed and splinted with a titanium bar. An overdenture that clips down onto the bar is constructed, and the denture is removable by the patient. This option enables a higher chewing efficiency than the traditional locator supported denture option.

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