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Every year, dentures need to be checked for overall fit and functionality. Once your teeth have been extracted, the bone that used to hold them in place begins to resorb (shrink). Dentures need to be checked for overall fit and functionality every year. Once teeth have been extracted, the bone that used to hold them begins to resorb (shrink) gradually. The rate at which it shrinks depends on the individual, but because of this, people often experience looser or unstable dentures over time.

It is important to know however, that the bite position, existing teeth, and acrylic base must be in good condition and not excessively worn to provide a reline procedure.

To provide a working model, an impression of your oral tissue is taken. New acrylic base material is added to your denture to produce a proper fit, and depending on the individual needs, relines may or may not change the appearance of your dentures.


Relining a denture involves removing some of the material from the tissue side or fitting surface of the denture and then rebuilding the denture in order to match the shape to your mouth. It can make an older denture fit more securely and feel more comfortable.

In many cases, a reline can extend the life of your denture as well as improve health and nutrition by helping the patient chew better. A reline is recommended after two to three years, and in many cases, patients no longer need to use denture adhesive. We can reline your partial or complete denture and have it back to you the same day.

Same-day service

Unfortunately, many times a loose denture will break while eating. This is because the fit of the denture has changed and the bite pressure is not evenly distributed. If this is the case, thanks to our on-site lab, we can often offer same-day denture repair service to fix your broken denture.


Keep Smiling Denture Clinic has an on-site lab facility to fix various types of repairs using high-quality materials to minimize the chances of it breaking again. Depending on the severity, the process can be quick and inexpensive, and repairs can be done on the same day for most cases.

Note: Please refrain from using super glue. If the product is thick enough, it can create a small layer that will make it difficult for us to repair it accurately.

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